Improve Your Disguise With Etienne Aigner Bags and Shoes

This is a secret that most fashionable women have. Bags and shoes are not just for practical purposes, but they give you an added personality. That is where fashion fits in the working arena.When you look at the women in your office, you would notice that there are three types of women lazing around your work place. The first one is the practical-looking working mama. She is wearing simple clothes, gray and khaki colors, which are practical enough for fashion. The next one is the fresh graduate. Her working clothes are blue and gray in color, which allures as little attention as possible, to avoid demands and criticisms from her bosses. And, the Head Turner, who could either be any of them, but, is just fashionable enough to stand out.That miss Head Turner could either be anyone. She could be a mom of three, or a new graduate but radiating confidence. Even simple girls like you and I could be one. Don’t you know what it is like to be a Head Turner? It is not someone with blond hair and blue eyes, but someone who dress with confidence and style. You have the look that would make people want to come and follow to you. The good thing is, if people come, opportunities follow.She has one little secret to her disguise. It is one word – accessorize. Since, it is a workplace. You cannot over do yourself with big dangling earrings and shiny bangles and necklace to stand out. Your aim is to look sophisticated, smart and elegant-with style. So, settle for something subtle like your everyday bags and shoes.Your bags are not just a must-have because it houses your essentials. Nor your shoes are not something you just wear to walk with everyday. They speak of you persona. They speak of how you want your workmates to see you. A shabby nobody? Or a sophisticated somebody?Here is the tip; you do not need a thousand dollars wardrobe makeover for your disguise. It is how good you are in choosing the right bag and shoes at the right price. Check Etienne Aigner satchels and pumps for that purpose, or go to malls to look for a classy and sophisticated style that is worth the price.Choose a brand that is known sturdy and practical. Then pick a design that suits your want-to-be personality. Look for a soft pebble leather bag with big buckles and trademark zipper chain to accentuate its beauty. This style would add strength and aura to your character. Then look for a snake embossed pump or a retro-classic design that would go well with your tailored suits and skirts. Etienne Aigner pumps has these elegant styles that would give you a not-your-ordinary-girl-so-do-not-underestimate-me-look yet, stylish enough to give them an I’m-still-a-lady-look that would make you stand out in a crowd.Who wants to be called a “mom” in the work place? Or would not be called at all since you have camouflaged with the walls? Take my advice because those women who stand out; will be most seen by the boss. Sometimes, it is not just how you work, but most of the time it what you are in your workplace.