Adult ADHD Symptoms? Remember Rainman?

Do you think you have adult ADHD Symptoms? One way to take control of your ADHD symptoms is to look at two things: one, “what are my strengths?” and two, “what are my weaknesses?”It’s likely that, if you have adult ADHD symptoms, both your strengths and your weaknesses can be traced back to your ADHD symptoms. I’ll tell you why in a moment.One thing that comes to mind when you look at ‘what are my strengths’, ‘What are my weaknesses’, and how weakness can sometimes be a strength, even with adult ADHD symptoms, is the movie “Rainman.”You remember the story of Raymond, right? Dustin Hoffman was autistic but he had an amazing ability for patterns. He could count cards in a superhuman way.So there, you had a weakness but really it was a strength. In looking at something even as severe as autism, you have there a strength, an ability to see patterns.And that is really what we want to focus on, in looking at adult ADHD symptoms. It’s how you use your abilities.But I would take it a step further and say, “Every single weakness, every single thing you don’t like about yourself, that you think is holding you back, that you think is holding you down, whether it’s related to adult ADHD symptoms or not related to adult ADHD symptoms, I can teach you how to use as a strength, every single one.”Hard to believe? It’s true. In my professional practice, I have yet to see a weakness that couldn’t be turned into a strength; it just hasn’t happened.From drug addiction, to being manic depressive to being an insomniac to not being able to maintain relationships (a common problem for people adult ADHD symptoms, by the way),whatever is the case, every single one of those situations, I’ve helped people turn those around into strengths.So, in addressing adult ADHD symptoms, the first question to ask is, “What are my strengths?”And is the second question you are going to ask is: “What are my weaknesses?”Okay, here’s the trick. This is the reason that you can be successful, especially (yes, I said ESPECIALLY) if you have adult ADHD symptoms.I have Adult ADHD symptoms, in fact I have every Adult ADHD symptom you could think of, but it’s the reason that I’m successful, and it’s the reason that you can be successful.You’ve already developed amazing traits; you’ve already developed incredibly powerful habits that you might be using the wrong way so far.Basically, what we’re talking about with adult ADHD symptoms is the difference or similarity, the comparison between someone who is what we might call “easily distractible” and someone who is extraordinarily good at “multi-tasking.”Take someone with adult ADHD symptoms who is easily distractible and goes from thing to thing to thing to thing. They can’t ever seem to get anything done, can’t seem to stay very focused.Now take someone with adult ADHD symptoms who’s incredibly good at multi-tasking, someone who also goes from thing to thing to thing to thing and doesn’t seem to be very focused, but gets a ton of things done.What’s the difference? They both have adult ADHD symptoms, so what ‘s the difference?One’s a skill, one’s a disability, it’s the same skill set.What we want to focus on is learning how to transform those habits that people with adult ADHD symptoms have into skills, not disabilities.Whether you think they’re good habits or bad habits, it doesn’t matter. They are things you spent your entire life developing and channeling–those skills.Ans so, even a bad habit is a strength and a skill, and you can turn them into your own ability to accomplish whatever it is you wish to accomplish, whether it’s mastering your finances, getting straight A’s in school, maintaining a relationship, holding a job, whatever it is.You just have to know how to flip them around, to take your adult ADHD symptoms and make them your greatest strengths, no matter what they are…You’ll be stunned at what you can accomplish, even far and away beyond what someone who doesn’t have adult ADHD symptoms can accomplish!